Definition: sov·er·eign·ty

supreme power & authority.

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discussing the Sovereignty of God:

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If God Performs All Things for You
Author: John Flavel
If God performs all things for you, then God is to be owned by you in all that befalls you in this world, whether it is in a...
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How Pain Works for Our Good
Do not mistake me, I do not say that of their own nature, the worst things are good, for they are a fruit of the curse. But though...
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Author: John Calvin
1. The covenant of life is not preached equally to all, and among those to whom it is preached, does not always meet with the same reception. This diversity...

Great Books

discussing the Sovereignty of God:

Absolute Predestination

Absolute Predestination remains a helpful explanation of the Reformed doctrine of election and reprobation. This book is not milk for babes; it is meat for grown men and women. But it is good meat; nutritious, wholesome, spiritual food for the soul. After reading it, you will see the clear teachings of Scripture on election and reprobation.

The Sovereignty of God

Where is God in the midst of the darkest days of human existence? Jeff Johnson weaves together a gripping narrative that intertwines the trial-filled journeys of Joseph, Job, Hannah, and other biblical figures with the voyage of a World War II staff sergeant—as they consider the role of the divine when earthly sorrows abound. Jeff reminds his readers that God is the God of soaring heavenly constellations but also of inner human contemplations, and our wisest recourse in the face of evil is simply to let God be God.

“The sovereignty of God is that golden sceptre in his hand by which he will make all bow, either by his word or by his works, by his mercies or by his judgements.”
Thomas Brooks